How to create a compelling donation page

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How to create a compelling donation page

Organizing a charity 5k race is a great way to fundraise for a cause that you are passionate about. However, the critical component of any charity fundraiser is the donation page. A compelling and user-friendly donation page can makes a significant difference in the amount of funds raised for your charity. We have helped our clients increase their donations Year over Year (YoY) 2-10x more than previous years!

Here are the four keys to creating a compelling donation page:

  1. Convenience: An easily accessed donation page makes it simple for donors to contribute to the cause, even if they can’t attend the event. A donation button should be in the header and on the top half of all of your pages. It must be one of the first calls to action buttons someone sees on your site. The more convenient the ability to do donate, the more money will be given to your cause.
  2. Simple: An integrated donation page will increase the amount of donations that your charity will receive. When people are navigating to the page keep the process straightforward and intuitive. And the page should be designed with the end in mind: making donating quick and easy. Opportunities to donated to the cause must be integrated through out the site as hyperlinked buttons and ensure that the donation information is integrated into the run sign-up process. Finally, ensure your donation page that is optimized for mobile and tablet devices. 40-60% of your traffic will come from these devices.
  3. Contextualizing: This is the number one thing that is missed when creating a donation page. Having an open ended donation box will net very little donations. You must lead donors to making an informed decision on what their money is going to impact. Have set monetary amounts for someone to donated and tell them what the amount of money is going to purchase. Example, $5 buys 1 Power Pack or 7 meals or $8 buys 1 weekend of fresh food (8 meals). Doing this style of a donation page, contextualizes where and how their donation will be used. Have amounts that are small, medium, and large ($100+). Using this method will significantly increase the amount of money you have donated to your cause.
  4. Trust and Transparency: A great donation page will help establish trust and transparency with potential donors. A page that is convenient, simple, and contextualized must also be clear in how the money is being used. Charity rating organizations like charity navigator are helpful and useful, but we recommend adding a brief statement within your donation page and adjacent to all of your call to action buttons. For example for all of our races we state: “100% of your race entry and donated money is used to buy food.” Donors know exactly where and how their money is being used. Make sure you communicate clearly how their money is being used and you will see an increase in money donated to your cause.

In conclusion, a great donation page is a vital component of any charity 5k race. By providing convenience for donors, increasing donations, and establishing trust and transparency, a well-designed donation page can help you raise funds for your cause successfully. When designing your donation page, it’s important to keep the user in mind and make the process as simple and easy as possible. With a great donation page, you can maximize the impact of your charity 5k race and make a positive difference in the world.

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